The Conference will take place at the Law School of the University of Lisbon, located in Lisbon, in Cidade Universitária a few blocks from the City Museum. It is only a few footsteps away from the Campo Grande.
This Law School was born in accordance to a decree of the first republican Portuguese Constitution of 1911, although it was only effectively created two years after. Its first director was Afonso Costa, a prominent politician of the first Portuguese Republic.
It moved to its actual location in 1958 and, on the last decades of the XX century, the number of Law students attending it had increased so much, that in 1997, the building went through great remodelling and enlargement, being given new facilities and modern studying resources, such as a room for court simulations and a computerized library.
Inside this School, grew some of the most influential lines of thought on present juridical matters and students were always encouraged to develop a critical and creative opinion, regardless of any ideological choices. Some of its students and teachers had a decisive role in some of our country’s legislative reforms.
The freedom of thought that impregnates this environment has always functioned as a mirror of socio-politic conditions, in a way that makes students strongly sensitive to the most important political movements of their time. Many were its teachers and former students in government positions, such as Afonso Costa in the first Republic, Marcelo Caetano, under the authoritarian regime, Palma Carlos, after the revolution of April 25, 1974 and the two first presidents elected through universal suffrage: Mário Sores and Jorge Sampaio.
At the present time, The Law School of the University of Lisbon, always keeping up with its great contribution to the juridical careers and other aspects of the Portuguese public life, focuses its efforts on six areas:
a) On the adaptation to the Bologna educational reform, while keeping a high standard of cultural and scientific education.
b) On the development of a contact learning process with continuous-evaluation methods in day or evening classes (the last ones destined to working students).
c) On both 1sr and 2nd cycles, with the teaching of new courses (Fundamental Rights, Urbanism Law, Environmental Law, Securities Law, Information Society Law, International Trade Law, etc).
d) On offering post-graduate studies in new and interdisciplinary areas and holding, each year, extra courses, debates and conferences about present issues or juridical reforms about to be put in practise.
e) On international interchange and cooperation, especially with Brazil and the African Portuguese speaking countries, through protocols and conventions with Universities from these countries, through the participation in Master’s and Phd courses, through the permanence of collaborating Lisbon teachers in the corresponding Universities and the organization of courses and seminars of mutual interest.
f) On the collaboration with other Portuguese institutions, providing juridical instruction in Academia Militar, Instituto Superior Técnico and Faculdade de Letras.
At the same time, and as a guarantee of its continuous effort, a renovation of the teaching corpus is currently taking place in the Law School, with increased doctorates and aggregations.
Alameda da Universidade
Cidade Universitária
1649-014 Lisboa

Phone: (+351) 21 798 46 00

How to get there
By underground...
The Lisboa International Airport is located close to the Law School of the University of Lisbon, 5-10 minutes.
You will be able to use the underground from the Airport to Cidade Universitária (Yellow Line), the nearest underground station to the venue.

By bus…
Bus line 701, 731, 735, 736, 755 and 783.
For further information on departure points and bus schedules please click here.
By taxi...
Taxis are widely used by the locals and in comparison to the taxi fares in other countries, the Lisboa taxis are still to be considered a rather inexpensive transportation.
At the Airport you have two kinds of taxi service at your disposal: the taxi voucher and the regular taxis.
With the taxi voucher you purchase a voucher at the Tourist Office located in the arrival hall, a pre-paid service with fixed prices. Prices around 20-25,00 €.
With the regular taxis, which run by the meter, you pay the price displayed on the meter plus an extra for the luggage. From the Airport to downtown should cost around 15-20,00 €.
T: +351 217 932 756 / +351 218 119 000

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