Specialists in International Law meet in Lisbon

The International Law Association (ILA) is launching a Regional Conference in Lisbon from 11 to 12 September 2014, under the theme: "Towards a Universal Justice? Putting International Courts and Jurisdictions into Perspective."


The conference aims at discussing current issues related to the functioning of international courts and other jurisdictions, including the reciprocal delimitation of their competences, the available cooperation mechanisms between them, the impact of their case law in each other’s decisions and their subordination to common procedural rules and principles.


The conference will have as chairs and panelists a broad range of experts in Public International Law, Private International Law and European Law, active either as practitioners or academics, several of which originating from Portuguese-speaking countries. Among them are:

  • Catherine Kessedjian
  • Dário Moura Vicente
  • Fausto de Quadros
  • Fernando Mantilla-Serrano
  • Ireneu Cabral Barreto
  • José Cunha Rodrigues
  • José Luís da Cruz Vilaça
  • José Pina Delgado
  • Luís de Lima Pinheiro
  • Manuel Almeida Ribeiro
  • Miguel Galvão Teles
  • Miguel Poiares Maduro
  • Miguel Serpa Soares
  • Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque
  • Peter Trooboff
  • Rui de Moura Ramos


The event is being organized by the Portuguese Society of International Law (the Portuguese branch of ILA), in collaboration with the Institute of Legal Cooperation of University of Lisbon, where it will take place. Among the topics to be discussed at the conference are:

  • The current role of the International Court of Justice;
  • The European Court of Human Rights and other regional human rights’ courts;
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms within the World Trade Organization and investment arbitration under the auspices of ICSID;
  • International commercial arbitration as an alternative means of dispute resolution;
  • The European Court of Justice and its case law;
  • Domestic courts as international jurisdictions and the limit of their personal jurisdiction regarding damages for the violation of International Law.

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